Lizzy Munson Music

Elizabeth Munson is a cellist, vocalist and dancer from Calgary, Alberta. Combining classical training in cello with vocal, musical theatre and dance skills, she adapts her performances to a variety of venues and styles. Lizzy’s polished soprano lends itself to ethereal ballads and dramatic solos, while her cello performances make her a valued addition to concerts and special events.

Currently she is in the new Cirque du Soleil, show, ‘Echo’, which premiered on April 2023 and will be touring North America, Europe and Japan.

In November 2016, she joined Cirque du Soleil’s show Kà at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas as singer/cellist, and performed in that production for three years. In 2022, she performed in Saudi Arabia with the Cirque show Fuzion (May 2022).

Lizzy was named the grand prize winner in the 2016 Stampede Talent Search, where she performed a vocal and cello combination of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box and Smells Like Teen Spirit.

She had the honour of accompanying Shawn Mendes at the Juno awards in 2016 and Michael Bublé on the Edmonton and Calgary stops on his tour in 2014 (cello) and again in 2022 on vocals. In the past few years she has recorded strings, vocals and performed onstage with various Calgary artists including Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and Souls in Rhythm.

She was thrilled to be part of the Young Canadians Performing Arts school for six years, where she has been featured in a number of performances. A highlight was flying over the stage in a suspended ‘window’ in the 2013 Grandstand show.

Lizzy started studying cello at the age of six after her teacher, Morag Northey, came in and played for her kindergarten class. She knew immediately after hearing the cello that she wanted to play it.



She graduated in 2014 from Mount Royal Conservatory’s Academy Program, during which she studied advanced cello and was a member of the various Mount Royal chamber groups and orchestras. She was principal cellist for four years.

Lizzy also studied vocals for many years and competed in the strings and musical theatre genres. She represented Calgary at the Alberta Kiwanis music festival twice, and was a national finalist at the Canadian Music competition for three years, finishing second place in her age group in 2010.